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7 String Arpeggio Etude #1

In this "7 String Arpeggio Etude" I go through an A and B section of advanced arpeggio patterns using two different techniques. In the A section we'll be using sweep picking as well as some legato and tapping which will utilize the top 6 strings. In the B section we'll be playing a cascading hybrid picked barrage of 7th chord arpeggios which utilizes all 7 strings. 


This etude comes with a video lesson breakdown of the main two sets of arpeggios as it can be hard to work solely from the tabs. I've chosen to exclude an explanation of the "transition" sections because they are more straight forward in the tabs.  


This etude includes:

- HQ MP4 Video of the Etude

- HQ MP4 Video Lesson with close to 20 minutes of discussion

- Guitar Pro and PDF files of the tabs

- MP3 of the Etude

- MP3 Etude Backing Track 

7 String Arpeggio Etude #1

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