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Funk Fusion Solos for All Levels

In this "Funk Fusion Solos for All Levels" I've created three solos over the same backing track. Each solo explores similar ideas but in three different playing levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These solos are geared towards rock players who are interested in learning more fusion. 


The Beginner solo may not be easy for a true beginner but for a rock player, who is looking to dive into fusion, this etude package will be perfect! As we move into the intermediate solo the technicality is bumped up a notch. You'll recognize some similar ideas from the beginner solo but with some faster more intricate lines. The intermediate solo is a great next step after you've completed the beginner solo but would also be a great work out and vocab builder for a more experienced rock/fusion player. Finally, the advanced solo again hints at some similar ideas from the two previous solos but now we are really bumping up our technique with some 16 note triplet runs and more advanced phrasing. This may take some time to perfect when first learning the style but could be a great work out for a seasoned player.

Hope you enjoy! 


This package includes:

- 4 HD Videos

- GPX and PDF tab files (including standard notation)

- 3 audio files of the original solos WAV

- 3 backing tracks WAV and MP3 (extended BT at full and half speed, original BT at full speed)


Funk Fusion Solos for All Levels

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